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                       Spring time !


Updated: June 15 2013; 08:30 MST


Posted (4/10/2013) BTRHOA Wildlife Alert!

Just a heads up that we’ve had another sighting of a bobcat on Tuesday evening at 7:00 pm on Tanglewood, close to Highway 86.  Please keep an eye out for your pets when they’re outside and update me if anyone else sees him/her !!


P Posted (11/01/2012)  New BTRHOA Board positions announced!

The BTRHOA Board of Directors has announced the members of the board.  Please join us in welcoming them!!

President: Debra Quella

Vice Presidents: JoAnna Halda and Carol Alexander

Treasurer: Kirby Ross

Secretary:  Joanne Sistek

Posted (10/10/2012)  Douglas County Agencies encourage signing up for new emergency notifications!

In an effort to take advantage of new technology and to continue to ensure accurate crisis communication with residents, Douglas County Sheriff’s Office and all other Douglas County agencies have transitioned to a new mass notification system called Code RED.  You can sign up for the new program at the following location:

Posted (10/10/2012)  No fire restrictions in place at this time!

Douglas County Commissioners and Sheriff David A. Weaver Suspend Fire Restrictions for Unincorporated Douglas County

Effective October 9, 2012, weather outlooks indicate the fire danger/hazard for Douglas County has been lessened. As a result, the Douglas County Board of County Commissioners has rescinded all fire restrictions; this applies to unincorporated Douglas County including, U.S. Forest Service Land. 

Although the severe fire danger has temporarily decreased, we must all recognize that wildfire danger does still pose a threat.  Sheriff David A. Weaver reminds everyone to use caution when starting and extinguishing campfires, disposing of lighted materials such as cigarettes, and any other activities that involve the use of fire or sparks. 

There are two types of fire restrictions that you need to be aware of:


Prohibited Activities:

  • Open burning of any kind.
  • Use and sale of fireworks.

Allowable Activities:

  • Fires within liquid-fueled or gas-fueled stoves, fireplaces within buildings, charcoal grill fires within developed residential or commercial areas, and fires within wood burning stoves.
  • Professional fireworks displays permitted according to section 12-28-103 of the C.R.S.
  • Fire suppression or fire department training fires.
  • Tiki torches, small recreational fires at developed picnic or campground sites contained in permanent fire pits or fire grates with flame lengths not in excess of four feet and which are supervised by a responsible person at least 21 years of age.
Violation of these fire restrictions is a Class-2 Petty Offense, punishable by up to a $600.00 fine and a $22.00 surcharge.


Prohibited Activities:

  • Open burning of any kind.
  • Use and sale of fireworks.
  • Use of charcoal grills and fires in chimineas, other portable fireplaces or patio fire pits.
  • Campfires at developed campgrounds or picnic areas.

Allowable Activities:

  • Cooking on gas or liquid fueled stoves or grills

Posted (9/7/2012)  Mail Theft Alert for Franktown and Castlewood Canyon!

The area of Franktown and Castlewood Canyon, have recently been experiencing a trend of mail theft.  Most of these crimes occur in rural communities with unsecured mailboxes away from the physical residences.  Information obtained from the mail that is absconded is being used to create fraudulent bank accounts or completing bank transactions resulting in identity theft for the residents in these areas.  Douglas County as well as the metro area has seen an increase in these crimes. 

Please notify the Douglas County Sheriff’s Office immediately of any suspicious activity at 303-660-7500 or in an emergency call 911.

DCSO wants to emphasize calling in suspicious activity.  This information can help us to catch perpetrators committing these types of crimes. In a recent case, a neighbor contacted DCSO about suspicious occupants in a vehicle. This report resulted in contacting suspects that were getting ready to burglarize several homes.


Here are a few tips to help deter these types of crimes:

  • Don’t place checks in your outgoing mail.
  • Don’t leave mail in unsecured mailboxes for an extended period of time.

As a reminder regarding your mail:

  • Retrieve your mail as soon as possible after it is delivered.  Consider using a locked mailbox or a Post Office box to receive your mail.
  • Deposit outgoing mail in a blue collection box or at a Post Office.  If sending outgoing mail from your residence, put it out shortly before the letter carrier arrives.
  • Provide your letter carrier with the names of the people that should receive mail at your address.
  • If you suspect your mail has been stolen or diverted with a false change of address, report it to your local law enforcement agency, the U.S. Postal Inspection Service at 877-876-2455 and your local Post Office immediately.

The full article/posting can be read at:


Posted (8/28/2012)  West Nile Virus Alert!

Tri-County Health Department Reports the First Human Cases of West Nile Virus in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties in 2012 »

Tri-County Health Department (TCHD) has verified West Nile virus infection in four residents of our jurisdiction of Adams (2 cases), Arapahoe (1 case), and Douglas (1 case) Counties. All four patients were hospitalized; three have been discharged home for recovery and one remains hospitalized.  These are the first human West Nile Virus infections reported to TCHD this year. 

Posted (6/20/2012)  Douglas County Stage 2 Fire Restrictions!

On June 18, 2012, The Douglas County Board of Commissioners Reinstated Ordinance No. O-003-001, an ordinance restricting open fires and open burning in the unincorporated areas of Douglas County including the National Forest. By Order of Sheriff David A. Weaver Stage 2 fire restrictions shall be in place until further Executive Order of the Sheriff or formal action by the Board of County Commissioners. More information can be found at: Stage 2 Fire Restrictions Reinstated in Douglas County »


Saturday, September 15, 2012

Castle Rock Utilities, 175 Kellogg Court, Castle Rock

Open to all residents of Douglas County

9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

We will accept:

House, garden, and pool chemicals • Paint and paint products • Automotive fluids • Fuels • Propane tanks (1-20 lbs.) • Vehicle and household batteries • Items containing mercury • Ammunition Aerosols • Fluorescent light bulbs, CFLs • Passenger vehicle and pickup truck tires (remove from rim)

We will NOT accept:

Business and commercial waste • Radioactive waste • Electronic Waste • Explosive waste • Smoke Detectors • Waste containing asbestos • Tractor tires • Scrap Metal

A payment of $25 is requested to help offset the high cost of hazardous waste disposal.

(If you would like to volunteer at an event and dispose of your waste for free, please call (720) 200-1592)

Latex Paint Waste Disposal and Reduction Tips

• Cans of water-based paint can be disposed of in regular household garbage IF they are completely dried out.

• Mixing the paint with kitty litter, dirt, or concrete-mix will help speed the drying process.

• Buy only what you need by carefully estimating the square footage of the surfaces to be painted. One gallon of paint will cover about 350 square feet.

• Ask your local paint store if they provide small (1-2 ounce) samples for color testing before investing in gallons of paint.

• Give any leftover paint to a neighbor in need.


For more information, call 720.200.1592 or visit

Posted (3/17/2012)  Fire Mitigation Grants  

A timely reminder: March 24, 2012 will mark the one year anniversary of the “Burning Tree Fire”. It is also a reminder that wild fires are a continuous threat to our community. I urge you to get outside during this nice weather and take a hard look at your property. Have you taken steps to protect your home and property, and the Burning Tree Community, from wild fires? If not, please take advantage of the fire mitigation grant that is available to Burning Tree HOA members until September 2012. The grant described below still has about $30,000 dollars available. Please don’t let this money go unused.

On April 27th, 2011 our application for a 50/50 matching funds grant for fire mitigation was approved for the requested amount of $44,650 for 105 acres in BTR. This sum is available for fire mitigation projects until September 2012.

Initial requirements:

    - Paid BTRHOA Membership.

    - Understanding that the property owner is responsible for 100% of costs and must pay all costs prior to requesting reimbursement.

- A memo of understanding must be signed and submitted to the Fire Mitigation Committee prior to starting work. (See attachment).

    - All work must meet standards of the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) noted in the attached publication "Creating Wildfire-Defensible Zones". The publication is also in your CWPP folder and can be downloaded from:

    - Pre-project photos must be taken by the Fire Mitigation Committee before work is started.

    - All work under the grant must be done after April 27th, 2011 and must be finished by Sept 2012.

If interested, please review the attachments and contact Judy Wilson, BTRHOA President (303-688-4139), or .  The Fire Mitigation Committee will only need to get a signed memo and the photos.

The complete BTR CWPP plan can be accessed at:

You may choose your preferred contractor for this project. If you have not done so see the list below for suggestions. Make sure your contractor is familiar with the CSFS standards and can meet them. 

Suggested Contractors: (or use your own contacts)

Jeff Franken, Owner, Dove Creek Enterprises, Inc. in Elizabeth. Office: 303-840-1090 and cell 303-901-0810. He works with a masticator and has done extensive work in Burning Tree and in DeerField. Bids are reasonable.

Kyle Anderson, owner, Anderson Tree and Stump Removal, Colorado Springs, 719-964-5301. Works with a masticator and has done extensive work in BTR. Bids are reasonable.

High Prairie Tree & Turf in Parker

Ray Hardee, owner. O- 3-805-8777,  Cell 3-549-2843. Bids received from this contractor have been higher than either Jeff Franken or Kyle Anderson. The work is more labor intensive but less invasive. Mr. Hardee did the pine beetle preventive tree spraying in BTR last year.  

We look forward to another busy year getting our community safer and at less risk for wildfire damage. Please keep us informed on how we can help you.  

Thanks to all who have completed fire mitigation projects in previous years. You are still eligible for grant money if there is additional work needed on your property.

Posted (11/27/2011)  Free Recycling Center !! A months-long effort to bring free recycling to Douglas County residents will become a reality on Saturday, December 3rd when the Castle Rock Community Green Team opens the Community Recycling Center in Castle Rock. The recycling site comes courtesy of the Douglas County School District, which donated space for recycling bins at the district’s west support center warehouse on the corner of Wolfensberger Road and Prairie Hawk Drive. See the full article and all details at: 

Posted (10/24/2011)  Only you, the homeowner, can defend against forest fires!!Here's a great quick article/link on what you as a homeowner can do in the effort to prevent forest fires in the area.  It's a short article but it's pack with valuable information and recommendations.  Many thanks to Mike Wonsik for bringing this article to our attention.  View the article at: (article credits to The Denver Post)

Posted (8/16/2011)  Current HOA Treasurer Reports! Please note that the current HOA Treasurer Report can be located under the "Downloads" tab under the "BTRHOA Legal Documents" section.  Reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

 Posted (4/13/2011)  Messages from Sheriff David Weaver!  

All residents!

Below are two messages from Sheriff David Weaver.  These messages are extremely important as we are in fire season and want/ need our public to be prepared in the event of an emergency/ evacuation.


Creating a Grab and Go Bag in Case of an Emergency by Sheriff Dave Weaver.

Wow!  Can anyone believe that we are in the middle of one of the worst fire danger periods since 2002 (Hayman Fire year)?  AND IT IS ONLY APRIL!  The Burning Tree fire in Parker last month is an example of how the combination of ultra-dry conditions, low humidity, and strong winds can whip a small grass fire into a 1600 acre inferno in just a couple of hours.  The fast moving characteristics of that fire resulted in the evacuation of 8500 homes in Burning Tree, The Pinery and other nearby subdivisions. 

How you would be notified of a need to evacuate?

My office has an Emergency Management Staff that is responsible for coordinating notification.  While they use many avenues to inform the public such as alerts to the media, the fastest and most assured way used to alert those at risk is through the County’s Citizen Alert System (Everbridge) In order to be sure you receive an evacuation communication, you should register with the County on this system.  You can visit our website at and click on the Emergency Mass Notification System tab and follow the instructions for sign up. This system allows you to register not only your primary phone number, but also a cell phone, a work phone number, a pager or to receive email or text message to an I-Phone or Blackberry or any other cell phone.  Thus you can easily be contacted even if you were not home.  The system also permits you to register someone in your home who might have special needs, e.g., an elderly person who is not mobile or someone with a disability.  You might also be contacted via a house-to-house search by my deputies as was done in the recent Parker area fire (this is extremely time consuming and we would prefer you be notified via the above means).

What do you take with you?

First, get yourself a large photo organizer box or something similar to create your 'grab and go' box. Make sure it's a size you'll be able to easily carry. You may want to get one for each family member. This will become your 'grab and go' box in case of emergency.

Medications – This is category of Must Have items that we often overlook.  During the recent evacuation of the Pinery subdivision several residents took valuable time to go back in their houses to retrieve needed medications.  So your ‘grab and go’ box should include at least a two day supply of mediations for your entire family.

Important papers

Next, you'll need to start gathering all your important papers and make copies of at least the first page that contains your account number and contact number for each of your policies or accounts should you need to contact them after an emergency. Having this information handy will make it easier and quicker to contact everyone after an emergency.

Insurance policy

In your 'grab and go' box, make sure you include items such as insurance policy, homeowners policy or renter's insurance, social security card and driver's license. Don't forget your life insurance policy and credit card statements.

Professional Licenses

You may also want a copy of any military and medical records in your emergency 'grab and go' box. It's also a good idea to include copies of any professional licenses and even your marriage certificate. Personalize your emergency grab and go box to include all paperwork or information that is important to you and your family.

Store grab and go box in a handy area

Lastly, if you choose to have a second box, use it for many of your photos/memory books. Keep the box or boxes handy in your bedroom on a side table. It will look decorative and in case there is an emergency, you'll be able to get out with your 'grab and go' box and have your most important papers and information with you. Finally, we are currently in the highest level of fire danger.  That means NO OPEN FIRES.  If you are a smoker, be particularly careful about extinguishing your tobacco and matches.  The last time we had such dangerous fire conditions was in the summer of 2002.  In June of that year we experienced the Hayman fire.  Let’s not let anything like that happen again.  

Sheriff David A. Weaver would like to remind all Douglas County Residents how they can receive information when an emergency event is taking place within the county. During emergencies the Sheriff's Office does its best to post the most recent information regarding evacuations and other public safety concerns on Residents can subscribe to the dcsheriff news blog and receive alerts via email, Facebook, and twitter, when the blog is updated. To get the latest information it is suggested that county residents subscribe today to the news blog, Facebook (Douglas County Sheriff) and Twitter (Dcsheriff) or by going to and using the Facebook and Twitter icon in the middle of the home page.

Sheriff's Office news can be accessed here:



If you are a county resident please register for the Emergency Mass Notification System. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is able to alert residents about fires, floods, toxic environmental issues and other emergencies using Everbridge Aware™ mass notification system. Messages can be sent to residents on – cell phone, home phone, email, text messaging, pager, PDA and more – ensuring that individuals that work in the county or reside here receive life-saving emergency information and important public service announcements. Any Qwest home phone listed in the county's 9-1-1 database is automatically subscribed to alerts by phone. If your home phone service is any provider other than Qwest, you will need to contact your phone provider to determine if you have been registered.  If you are not registered please go to the below link to register. It is suggested that all county residents and those that work in Douglas County register and provide additional contact information such as cell phones, text messaging, home and work email, etc…. (It is suggested that if you work at a location that has a large phone system or PBX type system that you do not register your work line). This will ensure you will receive important emergency information that is affecting your residence or place of work, no matter where you are. It is also suggested that you include all forms of communication devices for all residents living at your address including children.

Register for the Emergency Mass Notification System here:

Posted (3/15/2010)  Check out our new "Tradesman and Contractor" page !!  We've created a new webpage of your website that lists local and regional tradesman and contractors that have been used and recommended by the residents in Burning Tree Ranch.  All contractors have been notified that they would be listed on our Webpage.  All listings are provided as a convenience  to all our friends and neighbors of Burning Tree Ranch. BTRHOA is not responsible/liable for any work or activities performed by any of the listed tradesman/contractors.  The new webpage can be located by clicking on the "Business Page" tab above or by clicking on Business Page

If you have a business/contractor that you've used and you're pleased with their performance please send their details and contact information for submission to this webpage.  Submissions or any questions on a particular listing should be submitted to:   


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Next meeting of the Burning Tree Ranch HOA Board Members will be on June 11th, 2013, @ 7:00 PM at the home of JoAnna Halda.  For more details/questions contact